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400 popup views

per month

  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  •  Sales Booster
  •  Key metrics reports
  •  Smart Popup Control
  •  Responsive optimized templates

$14.99 / month

1,000 popup views

per month

  •  Upsell & Cross-sell
  •  Sales Booster
  •  Key metrics reports
  •  Smart Popup Control
  •  Responsive optimized templates

$24.99 / month

3,000 popup views

per month

  •  Upsell & Cross-sell
  •  Sales Booster
  •  Key metrics reports
  •  Smart Popup Control
  •  Responsive optimized templates

$49.99 / month

8,000 popup views

per month

  •  Upsell & Cross-sell
  •  Sales Booster
  •  Key metrics reports
  •  Smart Popup Control
  •  Responsive optimized templates

Knowledge base

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! The frequently bought together offer now allows users to have more than 3 products per bundle.
You can freely change the location of this offer to another place.
To change the location, here are step-by-step:

Step 1: Find the place that you want offer will show up and right click that position, choose Inspect

Step 2: Find the element that contains your desire position by hover throughthem. You can find class name behind the text: ‘class’ in the element.

Step 3: Open Native Recommender app. Go to Offer setting and paste the class name into the offer type you want (Product Page Cross-sell, Frequently Rought Together,..)

Otherwise you can watch this video: Changing offer position.
Definitely! Please email [email protected] for further discussion with our team. We definitely will give you some best deal for the bundle plan!
A/B testing is an essential tool for businesses and marketers who are looking to find the most effective way to communicate their message to their customers. This testing method involves comparing two or more versions of your website or app, determining which version performs better, and then making changes based on the results. A/B testing helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies, improve customer engagement and loyalty, and ultimately increase conversion rates.
We saw many of our customers misunderstood about these two “promotion type” above. Basically, they are a little bit different:
    1. Create New Promotion: with this option, our app will automatically create a promotion through an automatically create discount API of BigCommerce
When using “Create new promotion”, the offer product is checked out with the discounted price
    1. Use Existing Promotion: the promotion is taken from BigCommerce Promotion Manager, the percentage/amount that you input is just for display on the offer. With this option, if you don’t have any promotions on BigCommerce Promotion Manager, there won’t be any discount when your customer checkout the order
But when using “Use existing promotion” WITHOUT SETTING UP A PROMOTION ON BIGCOMMERCE, the offer product is checked out WITHOUT the discounted price